Tradition requires to be the first in following the trends in knowledge and in applying the innovations that are relevant for the economic life.

With tendency to provide the highest quality to our clients VMB law office cooperates with renowned law offices in the region and throughout the world.

In accordance with high professional standards, meeting the needs of our clients dealing with the area of commercial law we offer the identification of problems, as well as the identification of the cause of their problems and the most preferred solution to the issues raised.

Innovation is one of the advantages of our office, and while relying on innovations we offer to our clients the whole range of legal services for the protection, acquisition, enforcement and commercial exploatation of intellectual property rights.

As companies are growing while getting globalized, economic disputes are becoming more complex, and our office has a very positive long-term experience in the arbitration procedure which is more effective for several reasons:

• First and formost, it is the fairness in decision making (by choosing the arbitrators, parties may at least minimize the risk of biased trial);

• Expertise (parties may appoint an arbitrator as a specialist for certain legal issues, it can even be a person who is not a lawyer by profession);

• Level of decision-making (arbitration is a single-stage procedure);

• Time (effective and non time-consuming proceedings);

• Autonomy of the parties (the parties may agree on the relevant rules of the procedure);

• Confidentiality (arbitration hearings are closed to the public);

• Cost (compared to the proceedings pending before the ordinary courts, the proceedings pending before the arbitral court are cheaper for the parties involved in the underlying dispute).

The key goal of this office is to identify the primary interest of our clients and through the acquired mutual confidence, our extensive experience and expertise to achieve the most effective results.
Our clients are among the world's leading companies, though we are duly committed to small and medium size companies while exercising their interests.
At the practical business challenges we respond with the practical legal solutions.
While aspiring to excellence, thus showing openness and timeliness, we are always accessible in all phases of our work, which is why success is the inevitable and final outcome of all our endeavours.

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